Natan Santolo

Web Craftsman

Hi there!

Nice to meet you, my name is Natan Santolo. I've been designing and building websites and apps for fun and profit since 1998. And I'm still fascinated like the first day.

I occasionally tweet about user experience, web development and other boring stuff. When I have spare time, I like to collaborate coding in different projects specially html, css and javascript. To get out of my confort zone I speak at conferences, I like it, but I still have a lot to learn. I also enjoy writing nonsenses in a little blog and I like to collect and share music.

Currently I'm in Singapore, working at Lazada exploring the challenging landscape of ecommerce in Southeast Asia. I'm also collaborating as Innovation Advisor at Scalabl in Latin America.

Before coming to the east, I lived in Amsterdam where I worked at Spaaza to improve the user experience for their platform and at HackYourFuture as Mentor for refugees students on how to prepare for the first software developer job. Also worked for Liberty Global, the largest international cable company, I designed and built interesting web applications for mobiles, tablets, tv and desktop browsers.

Before Europe, I briefly lived in New York, I co-founded first Tiplinks and then Caliber. Way way before in Buenos Aires, I created Chico UI for MercadoLibre, I taught web development in Escuela Da Vinci and founded the first user experience team in Cubika. But my first gig, was as graphic designer at Arredo.

I'm not a writer

But some times I write about angularjs chico-ui components demo instagram javascript opensource etc.


A component to show the latest Instagram pictures.

Angular Switchery

I built a directive with two-way binding support for Switchery.