Todo App with Chico UI

I built a Todo App with Chico UI, here is the result.

I’ve been following the buzz around Chico UI lately, and I’ve found a lot of interesting thoughts, like this guy (don’t remember the name) saying that the only thing that is missing, is a Todo App demo builded with Chico. I actually, don’t think we need one, but any way, I builded one and I published it there in Github.

Todo Screenshot

Although I’m no longer working in the Chico’s dev team, I can say that this framework is not aiming to solve architecture or structure issues on web apps, like Backbone (great tool by the way) or Spine. Chico is just a collection of widgets ready to use, to build UIs really quick, without rethinking solutions.

Some of the features I used
- List Class
- Blink Widget
- Countdown Widget
- Keyboard Events
- CSS Library

I hope you enjoy this demo ;)